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Censorship of the Second World War on NO-DO

17 Sep 2017
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© Mercedes Rodríguez Sánchez

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (España)

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NO-DO was created by the Order of December 17, 1942, which set a media on the basis of exclusive, mandatory and remunerative screening. Born during the Second World War, NO-DO was a privileged newsreel at the time because, thanks to the exchange agreements with major foreign newsreels, it was able to provide information to the Spanish public from both the Nazi and the Allied point of view, and while the war was being fought. However, despite the public nature of the newsreels, the purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that, as evidenced by new documents found in the Archivo Histórico NO-DO, its contents were subjected to external control carried out by both the Vicesecretaría de Educación Popular and the Delegación Nacional de Propaganda, as a preliminary step to the submission of each issue to the censorship.

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