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Communicating health + solidarity and information and communications technologies

17 Sep 2017
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© Nuria Pombo San Miguel

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (España)

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In this new millennium takes place a silent battle that still remains to be resolved: that of the appropriate communication of health and solidarity generated by Non-Profit Organizations (ONL). In spite of the years that have passed, it is now the informative totalitarianisms of the XXIst Century that allow this type of news to be unimpressive and diluted, most of the time, in the maremagnum of information that arrives daily to the newsrooms. If the information is not attractive and "prêt à porter", to find a place among the existing competitive pieces of news is very difficult for them; Much more so when they are produced by entities that do not have the muscle of power that other political or commercial organizations do have.

Moreover, the Internet contents result in a surplus of information, which often leads to misinformation. The information by ONL often goes around two main axes, health and solidarity. As a consequence, the specialization of journalists in these two areas, becomes increasingly essential. Let us see the tools those journalists have and the repercussions that their work might have.

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