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The limits to the use of hidden cameras: a comparison between Ruling 12/2012 of the Spanish Constitutional Court and the Haldimann vs. Switzerland case

12 Abr 2017
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© Adrián Moreno Fontarrosa

  Universidad Complutense de Madrid (España)

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Nowadays the investigative reports made up by using the hidden camera technique are commonly produced in the mass media. In order to investigate and report illegal activities, journalists bring this method of gathering information to the end, harming the personal rights of those interviewed who, in most cases, do not know they are being filmed by a hidden camera. This makes it necessary to study the management of this tool of clandestine recording by journalists. This is the reason why we proceed to  analyze the limits in the use of hidden cameras throough a comparative analysis of the Spanish Constitutional Court (CT) ruling 12/2012, of January the 30th,  and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Haldimann  and others vs Switzerland case.

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