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The end of neutrality in the Internet. The end of utopia

30 Sep 2018
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Octavio Islas

Universidad de los Hemisferios

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In the first part of this work, I recover the Cyberspace Declaration of Independence, the emotional text written by John Perry Barlow, one of the lyricists of the legendary rock band Grateful Dead. In that document was expressed the naïve emancipatory spirit that prevailed in cyberspace. In the second part I highlight the importance of the neutrality principle of the network, and I refer to the most relevant associated principles. The end of net neutrality affects most associated principles. In the third part of the text I present the main arguments of the defenders of net neutrality, as well as those who operated to eliminate it. In the fourth part, I refer to the most outstanding events in this debate, which by far transcends the Internet and telecommunications industries in the United States. Its repercussions will be global. In the fifth and last section, I describe how Ajit Pai, president of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), operated to fulfill the task entrusted to him by President Donald Trump: to eliminate the net neutrality.

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