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Disruptive capitalism: the global digital network, the colonization of minds and the fight for humankind emancipation

15 Sep 2018
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© Patricia Legarreta

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, México

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This paper aims to identify the ecosystem in which the technology corporations develop themselves, the historical material conditions that have allowed the private appropriation of others’ work to overexceed the limits of individual workforce. This is possible by shredding ideas, wishes, feelings and personality traits through processes of digitalization. The author proposes that the history of the Internet is the history of the struggle between managers, on the one hand, who represent the scientific-industrial-military complex that has monopolized and privatized the global network, and hackers, on the other hand, who represent a sector that understands and develops makes the Internet to evolve but struggles to make public the way in which the system operates, to eliminate private profit by means of a common good and to generate an alliance with the world population for the emancipation of humanity.

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