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Review of the book written by Concepción Calvo Herrera "How to finance your film"

14 Mar 2017
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©Celia Forneas

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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"How to finance your film" is the book that has recently produced Concepcion Calvo Herrera, Publisher Fragua. 2017 (p. 187). The author focuses, naturally, on the figure of the producer, the sources, public or private, of financing the Spanish cinema.  She doesn`t forget anything. For example: the criteria for the evaluation of the project, the decalogue to submit the dossier "well-structured,  with a layout visually attractive."

Gone are the days of the Spanish civil war in which the cinema´s ticket price was subsidized. In Spain, at that time, television did not exist, most people were illiterate, in their homes Spanish did not enjoy either hot water or toilet. In those days, they only had poverty and going to the cinema was considered a first need product, similar to a baguette. Cinema was the only entertainment for most Spanish population in those difficult times (p.118). At present, the price paid by a spectator for a film ticket largely depends  on the place where the cinema lies and on other factors. Hence the ticket price is different in each Autonomous Community and in some towns or villages in the Spanish territory (p.118-19). 

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